Athenian Bride 

Photographer Yannis Fragos

Model Ada @ D'Models

Make up artist Sissi Petropoulou 

Hair stylist Yolanda Sofouli

Athenian Bride

The revival of traditional embroidery patterns through contemporary techniques

Through the Creativewear Design Challenge I wanted to create a piece inspired by traditional embroidery patterns in collaboration with local suppliers and manufacturers. Craftsmanship is something that is almost lost due to mass production and it is extremely important to acknowledge the importance of skilled workers for the creation of fashion garments and not just clothing.

The project has been based on research on haute couture and sculpting of the body with main focus on creating decorative surfaces. The carnation is a recognisable symbol which has been used in various patterns of traditional Greek textiles and ceramics and everyone can relate to. The carnation has been reinterpreted into illustrator and has been laser cut in mirror and glitter Plexiglas to create beads. I attended laser cutting classes in order to be able to use the technical equipment myself in an open space workshop. For this project there has been a lot of hand sewing and also the base of the garment has been sewn with a vintage Singer machine with no electric power.

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