Melissanthi Spei


Melissanthi Spei is an Athenian Fashion Artist. Her heritage, coming from Greece, in combination with her creativity, inspires her to develop contemporary and sculptural garments. Part of her identity as a designer is to use industrial materials for something historical and old through the exploration of traditional arts and crafts and their projection to contemporary aesthetics.

Spei has graduated from MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion in 2013. She has been nominated as one of the winners at OpenMyMed Prize 2020-2021 at Maison Mode Méditerranée, a winner at ‘Find Your Inner North - Modern National Costume’ by Nordic Design Society in 2019, an Avant-Garde finalist at World of Wearable Art 2018 Awards, Accessories finalist for ITS International Talent Support 2013, International Research Award finalist for the Ancient & Modern Prize 2014 and represented Greece during the EU presidency exhibition at Malta Fashion Week in 2017.

Spei has also participated at the Innovative Costume of the 21st Century exhibition at A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, Moscow in 2019, at Venice Biennale 2018, Arnhem Mode Biennale 2013 ‘Fetishism in Fashion’ & FETISHISM: Obsessions in Fashion & Design’at Trapholt Museum in2016 both curated by prestigious Lidewij Edelkoort. Her work revolves around folklore culture.


2021 Big See Fashion Design Award Winner for Greece

2021 Tajima Fashion Tech Prize (France and Italy)

2020 OpenMyMed 2020-2021 Prize winner by Maison Mode Méditerranée, France

2019 Winner of the Nordic Design Society competition ‘Find Your Inner North - Modern National Costume’, France

2018 Participation at the Creativewear competition in collaboration with SKEE, Greece

2018 Avant Garde Finalist at World of Wearable Art Awards 2018, New Zealand

2014 Ancient & Modern Prize finalist, United Kingdom

2013 Accessories finalist for International Talent Support 2013, Italy


2023 Participation at the 'Tales of Tools' -The Untold Narrative of Wooden Handiwork Implements from Greece exhibition at Benaki Museum, Athens 

2022  Participation at the 'With Needle &Thread' On the Canvas of History exhibition at the Museum of Folk Art & Tradition, Angeliki Hatzimihali, Athens  

2021 ‘Hippodamia Rising’ project presented as part of the residency at Victoria Square Project, Athens

2019 Participation at the ‘Why-What-Who’ exhibition at Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Buenos Aires

2019 Participation at the Innovative Costume of the 21stCentury exhibition at A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, Moscow, Russia

2018 Participationat Creativewear Project  exhibition at Athens School of Fine Art

2018 Participation at the ‘Why-What-Who’ exhibition atthe  Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

2018 Participationat the Route Exhibition at FASHIONCLASH Festival, Maastricht

2018 Selected as one of 3 artists to represent Greece at Vestino Festival, Palermo, Italy

2018 Participation at the ‘Why-What-Who’ exhibition at the VENICE BIENNALE curated by UAL and

2017 Participationat the MALTAFASHION WEEK Photography exhibition as part of the EU Presidency

2015/6  Participation at the FETISHISM: Obsessions in Fashion & Design’ at TRAPHOLT MUSEUM, Denmark

2014 Participation at YKK ‘FashionWarriors’ Exhibition at LINEA PELLE

2013 Participation at the M°BA | ARNHEM MODE BIENNALE 2013‘Fetishism in Fashion’

2013 MA collection showcased at Victoria House during LONDON FASHION WEEK

2012 Participation at CARNIVALKING OF EUROPE exhibition at Warsaw Ethnographic Museum

2011 NEW DESIGNERS EXHIBITION at the Borders Textiles Towerhouse, Hawick, Scotland 

2011 SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF  FASHION SHOWCASE 2011, Inspace, Edinburgh.


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